Tina Herfurth is Dog Obedience Instructor, Dog Trainer, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and Master Groomer who lives in Vinemont, Alabama.  She is married and a member of Desperation Church in Cullman, Alabama. Tina’s current career includes teaching basic dog obedience in both group and private settings, behavior modification, and evaluating dogs for AKC dog programs.

Tina has owned dogs most of her life. Her experience and education in dog training includes hands on experience, self-education through book study, seminars, and training under respected professional handlers.  Her professional technical education includes two in-residence school programs, The Detection Dog Training Program through Highland Canine in North Carolina and the Florida Academy of Pet Grooming in Pace, Florida, both programs included dog behavior and handling among their curriculum. She also spent 8 years working as an Adult Education and Training Manager which giving an added advantage to people skills and training.

Tina has been teaching obedience classes for the public since 2006, and has experience handling many different breeds of dogs. She has been training her personal dogs since 1991.  Although she loves teaching and showing her personal dogs, her passion is helping people build a healthy relationship with their dog through obedience, which means a better, more stable life for the dog.  Tina believes it is unfair to the dog when we attempt to train the dog as we would teach a human and learning to communicate properly with your dog through obedience is the foundation to a healthy dog/owner relationship.

Apart from working with and training dogs, Tina enjoys kayaking, hiking, camping, reading, and cooking, all of which can be done with dogs. She stays involved with her church and community (via therapy dog) as much as possible.  She currently owns 5 dogs:

Australian Cattle Dog: Buzzard’s Sweet Lil Adalida RN (Addie) 11 ½ yrs

Retired from showing, now a therapy dog

Australian Cattle Dog: Hot Summer Nights RN (Summer) 5 ½  yrs

Current show dog

Xoloitzcuintli: Red Hot Ruben (Ruben) 8 yrs

Perpetual lap dog

Treeing Walker Coonhound: Lost Creek Molly (Molly) 2 ½  yrs

Trailing dog

Border Collie:  My Own Tempest (Possum) 16 weeks

In training